Me on Aug142014

That’s me in the picture over there: a New York City based Film & Television Editor, one with more than a few extremely gratifying years experience cutting everything from spots to features.  

My career began back in the analog days, hunched over a 16 millimeter splicing block on a flatbed Steenbeck, and it continues into today’s ever-shifting digital landscape. I am formally educated, strictly dependable, technically adept, stylistically diverse, relatable,  fast,  flexible, creative and sought out for my storytelling expertise.

My knowledge of Film & Television, both current and  historical is comprehensive and I’d qualify myself as an ardent fan, rather than an above-it-all cynic. What skill I have I’ve come by honestly, over countless hours spent editing in small dark rooms, obsessively pursuing my craft. My profession is my passion; compiling and condensing, constructing and deconstructing, honing, refining, distilling, and most enjoyably, collaborating. Here are some links to examples of my work:

Commercial Editing Demo Reel 

Opens & Teases Editing Demo Reel

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mistercapone@gmail.com / mtcap@aol.com / caponecuts@gmail.com @MisterCapone on Twitter / www.capcuts.blogspot.com

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