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Film and Television Editor

NYC / Hoboken, NJ – /

“Driven to Love” (S1) / Lion Television / We tv – February 2016 – April 2016
I edited two hour long episodes of this funny, reality dating game show, hosted by Ray J. A desperate single looking for love takes a ride in the “love taxi,” taking on sutors at each stop who play provocative games and take on challenges en route to the airport where the winner will join in on a romantic vacation.

“Super Into” (S1) / Matador / TruTv – October 2014 – January 2015
In this comedic reality series, Host Kevin Pereira joins a celebrity to explore their obscure hobby. I edited the thirty minute pilot / first episode and one additional episode.

“Sorority Sisters” (S1) / Eastern / Vh1- October 2014 – January 2015
As well as editing episode five of this controversial docusoap (from the producers of Love and Hip Hop) I also cut dozens of scenes featured throughout the run of the season.

“The Kelly Cutrone Project” + Sizzles / Diga Vision – CW – February – June 2014
It was a pleasure to work with Executive Producers Tony DiSanto & Liz Gateley as I cut ten (averaging 10m) webisodes of this original talk show/documentary hybrid, hosted by the abrasive and controversial judge from the CW’s, “America’s Next Top Model.” Very positively received, I stayed on with the company and edited a number of sizzle reels and presentation tapes.

Four Weddings” (S5)  ITV Studios – TLC – September – December 2013
ITV Studios was an excellent work environment. While editing two hour long episodes, this job required I join the Motion Pictures Editor’s Guild, which was a thrill. Here I edited two episodes of this long running, comedic reality competition series in which four brides attend and critique each other’s weddings, with the one voted best winning a dream honeymoon.

“Power of Love / Keep Memory Alive: Quincy Jones and Michael Caine Gala”
Alex Coletti Productions – AXS TV – March – April 2013
I edited career retrospective packages on Quincy Jones and Sir Michael Caine, as well as three PSAs, all of which aired during AXS TV’s live broadcast. The two men, lifelong friends, were born the same year, same month, same hour (within minutes of each other) and celebrated their 80th birthdays at this gala, which featured Bono, Stevie Wonder and many others, raising a shocking amount of money to benefit the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. You can see a promo for the show here.

“Baggage Battles” (S2) – My Tupelo Entertainment – Travel – January – April 2012
I cut three season two episodes of this incredibly tight half hour which followed three teams as they traveled to lost baggage auctions around the world in search of hidden treasures. It was a true pleasure to work with the talented staff of this entertaining program, including our excellant Executive Producer Joe Townley and meticulous Co-Executive Producer Yon Motskin.  Here’s a full episode, in which the buyers travel to England.

“Motor City Rising” – Working Pictures – Ovation – January – April 2012           Something of a passion project for me, this critically acclaimed three part documentary series, the network’s first, explored the rebuilding of Detroit as seen through it’s artistic and activist communities. Directed by filmmaker Bobby Sheehan, I co-edited, building on the work of Daniel Praid, the talented editor of the Peabody Award winning, “Brick City.” I was also happy to broker a deal which brought in the music of my friend, singer Eliza Neals, which was featured in each episode. This excerpt introduces one of the Detroiters the series followed, singer/artist Nina Friday.

“GTTV Presents: Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron” – Spike TV – October 2011 This unique half hour documentary special, designed to promote the latest installment of a blockbuster video game franchise,  was produced in conjunction the US military. Four professional football players, Drew Brees, Jared Allen, Larry Fitzgerald and Clay Matthews  are trained in tactics by Navy Seals and then take part in an elaborate, cinematic training mission based on elements of the game. Part action movie, part reality-hybrid, this bombastic “advertainment” was a lot of fun to work on and came out great. Here is the program in it’s entirety.

“Dead at 27” – Fuse – ComcastAugust 8-19 2011
This half hour documentary special, the first of Fuse’s News division, examined both the tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse and the infamous phenomena of the many popular musician who died at the age of 27. Produced by Sarah Girgis, “Dead at 27,” featured rare music videos and concert footage, anchored by noted journalist Toure probing interviews with an diverse collection of experts. A short excerpt can be found within my Opens & Teases demo reel.

“Impractical Jokers” (S1) – North/South Prods – Tru TVDec. 2010 – May 2011     I worked alongside a team of three other editors on both the pilot and multiple S1 segments for this half hour hidden-camera comedy, in which comedy troupe the Tenderloins, comprised of four childhood friends, compete in a series of mortifying dares/competitions.

“The Headbangers Ball: The Year in Metal” – MTV2 – December 2010          Something of a backdoor pilot for a new iteration of the classic original MTV series, this year-in-review special, hosted by Sirius/XM’s Jose Mangin, featured multiple interviews, a roundtable discussion and two exclusive “live” performances by Brooklyn-based rockers Life of Agony, including the web-exclusive, “Underground.” Produced by the talented Mike Davis, this was a labor of love.

“MTV: All New, All Year” – Bombastic – MTV International November 2010              This fast paced, graphics heavy, one minute “image spot,” was designed to showcase MTV International’s 2011 programing slate.

“Cee Lo Green: On the Record” – Fuse – Comcast – October 2010                                 I cut this half hour episode featuring an intimate interview with enigmatic Gnarls Barkley lead singer Cee Lo Green.

“Football Wives” – Bombastic – VH1September 2010
I edited the opening title sequence of this ongoing reality series which profiles the lives of women married to pro football players.

“50 Cent: On the Record” – Fuse – Comcast – November – December 2009                 As part of the cable network’s then new, now ongoing franchise, “On the Record,” this revealing music interview special, hosted by journalist Toure, highlighted a side of rapper 50 Cent the public rarely sees and garnered record setting ratings.

“Model Latina: Miami” (S2)- Si TV – May – August 2009
Season two of this hour-long reality program followed twelve beautiful, socially conscious Latinas as they took over a Miami mansion while competing for a modeling contract and a $10,000 prize.  I cut 4 of the 13 episodes,  including a Season One recap/Casting special.

“Wingman” – City Lights Media Group – FLN – October 2008 – February 2009             This reality half hour, designed to coincide with the rebranding of FLN, is a hilarious dating makeover series. Hosted by comedian Michael Somerville, dysfunctional would-be daters are evaluated, consult with an expert and then are put to the test while hidden cameras watch. Executive Produced by Jen Demme, this sweet, character driven show is an absolute delight.

“Le Pardon” – M.Y.R.N.A  Entertainment – September 2008
I cut this short, atmospheric, French language film, depicting a turn-of-the-century grande dame haunted by the memory of a spurned lover, in a little less than a week. Shot on location in New Orleans, within a 200 year old townhouse, it is intended to showcase the capabilities of New York based production company M.Y.R.N.A. Entertainment. Notable sidebar: I do not speak or comprehend French.

“She Got Game” – City Lights Media Group – We – July 2008 – September 2008               I edited the first season of this original game show for the We cable network’s website, 15 “webisodes,” generally four minutes each. Host James Aguiar surprises women shopping at Loheman’s, then quizzes them on pop culture and fashion, with the prize being the very stuff they’ve been thinking about buying. Executive Produced by Jen Demme, you might describe “She Got Game” as “Cash Cab” in a department store.

“Discovery You Spoof 2.0” – Lion TV U.S. – Discovery – Oct. 2007 – Jan. 2008
A reality based, hour-long comedy special, set to air opposite the Oscar telecast. Hosted by Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey, who appears in short sketches while presenting viewer-created spoofs of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows. Pulled from hundreds of internet submissions, these fan films include a musical Future Weapons short, animated Myth Busters, plenty of Survivorman, Dirty Jobs and more. Well directed by Chris Sgueglia, this was a really fun production which came out great.

“Katie On Demand” – HBO Original Productions –May – October 2007
I edited these seven mini-episodes (5 to 7 minutes each), written & directed by Dan Chaykin and comprising season one of HBO’s very first original series for it’s On Demand network. A light hearted sex magazine show hosted by adult personality Katie Morgan, who is featured in an ongoing series of funny HBO specials, and appeared in Kevin Smith’s movie, Zack & Miri Make a Porno.” Each episode of this series presented a feature (i.e. foot fetishism, erogenous zones), a short interview and a spicy dance number. I have to confess, it was a major thrill to work at HBO.

“King of Miami” – MOJO – Local Women Films – January – March 2007
This half-hour unscripted comedy, produced by Elyse Roth, featured comedian Dave Hill and his oddball quest to rule the Miami social scene. Reminiscent of “Borat,” situations were set up (touring a multi-million dollar mansion, shopping for a yacht) with real people, then Dave would bedevil them with boorish behavior. I cut episode two and the season finale. Excerpts can be found here.

“Discovery Rewind 2006” – Lion TV U.S. – Discovery –September – December 2006  This hour long, year-in-review special, which aired in multiple countries (requiring three separate versions and two on-camera hosts), is the first in what’s planned as an annual event. Composed of almost twenty individual stories, from global warming to the discovery of new species, an international panel of scientific experts offered commentary on the year’s biggest events.

“2006 Dominoes Tournament” – Tupelo Honey – ESPN Deportes – August 2006             I edited hour two of this three part, Spanish-language dominoes tournament, and with only one year of high school Spanish, no less. How? Yo no say.

“The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman” (S1) Darkness at Noon – Kassen Brothers – IFC Originals – June – August 2006                                                          Another career highpoint. I edited four of the eight, thirty-minute episodes (including the pilot) of IFC’s critically acclaimed (“…the kind of drawling feminist sarcasm rarely seen since Roseanne left sitcomdom”- TIME MAGAZINE) single camera, Hollywood satire. Written by and starring groundbreaking comedian Laura Kightlinger, each episode reflected a very”indy” cinematic style. Season one is available on DVD.

“Exposing the Order of the Serpentine” – Maribou – Spike TV – Dec. 2005
 I worked as part of a team of editors on this thirty-minute “infotainment” special from producers of Comedy Central’s “The Chappelle Show.” Fully scripted, it featured “The Daily Show” correspondent Bob Wiltfong, and employed a mock documentary style to satirize the media, while simultaneously launching a line of body wash.

“Cash Cab” (S1) – Lion TV U.S. – Discovery –September – November 2005
I edited the pilot of this very successful hidden (multi) camera game show. Adapted from a British series, it takes place inside an actual New York City taxi, as random passengers answer trivia en route. I cut material (including the series opening, rules packages, games and many interstitials) which made up the bulk of season one, and which continue to be employed today, as the show enters it’s third season.

“The All-Star BBQ Showdown” – Low & Slow – Borderline – VS – May – Aug. 2005
 As Series Editor, I cut the pilot, three half hours and the hour finale (while supervising two additional editors/episodes) of this reality competition series set in the world of competitive barbecue. Co-produced by one of the original writers of “The Cosby Show,” and the team behind Comedy Central’s “Insomniac with Dave Attell,” this show was more of a cracked comedy/character study than anything resembling “The Iron Chef.” Shot on location as cooks from across the country faced off over the pit. I came away from this, one of the best collaborations of my career, with a real passion for barbecue. An excerpt is available here.

“Celebrity Charades” – Shades of Gray – Trigger Street – AMC – Nov.04 – Jan. 05
I edited and Post Produced the pilot of this reality-based game show, Executive Produced by Hillary Swank, Chad Lowe & Bob Balaban. Extrapolated from Bob’s actual (albeit sporadic) game night, two teams of celebrities converged in a SoHo loft, to enjoy dinner and play charades linked to classic films. Employing a fly-on-the-wall editing style and roving perspective, I was given ample leeway to initially design the show, including in-game factoids reflecting AMC’s personality, game graphics and music. The pilot resulted in a full series order, which later produced a second season. A clip can be found within my 1995 – 2005 commercial demo reel.

“The First Amendment Project: No Joking” – Shades of Gray – Trigger Street – Court TV – Sundance Channel – November 2005 I co-edited this documentary, written & directed by Academy Award nominated (script, “Gosford Park”) actor Bob Balaban (“Waiting for Guffman, Close Encounters…”). This short film detailed the rise and fall of pioneering comedian Lenny Bruce in the context of free speech. Hosted by Eric Bogosian, it took the form of a mock late night interview show, featuring guest Richard Dreyfuss, and aired concurrently on both networks. A clip can be found within my 1995 – 2005 commercial demo reel.

“The Manson Family” – Mercury – MPI – Blue Underground – 1990 – Oct. 2005
I was Co-Editor & Associate Producer of this true-crime, independent feature, fifteen years in the making. An edgy, explicit, experimental narrative, “Manson” takes place simultaneously in the present and the past as a TV Newsman prepares a special looking back at the grusome events. Started in February 1995 as a school project, the film was, miraculously, picked up for international theatrical distribution in late 2005 and is currently available on DVD. The disc includes a feature length documentary tracing the decade long quest to bring the film to audiences. Not for the timid-of-heart. Check out a clip here.

“100 Cheesetastic Video Tricks Exposed” – Viacom – VH1 – Oct. – Nov. 2004         I edited hour two of this satirical clip show, in the now-ubiquitous talking-head style, wherein media “personalities” lampoon music video clichés. There’s an excerpt can be found within my 1995 – 2005 commercial demo reel.

“The Jetix Kids Cup” Line-by-Line – ABC – ABC Family – June – July 2004               This one-hour documentary special centered on an international children’s soccer tournament, and followed the USA girl’s team to Paris, France and victory. A clip can be found within my ’95 – ’05 commercial demo reel.

Spots and Promos – Sleeveless Productions – ESPN Classic – August ’03 – 2006  Over the years I’ve cut countless sixty, thirty and fifteen second spots for programs like “Cheap Seats, Reel Classics and 60 Minutes,” among many others.

“Eye on the Prize” – Pitchfork Productions – VH1 – May – December 2003                        I cut two thirty-minute episodes of this proposed documentary series about strange and unique competitions: the World Yo-Yo contest and an S&M beauty pageant.

“Lonestar: A Concert for the Military” – Viacom – CMT– May – July 2003                  This multi-camera, one-hour concert with documentary elements was staged aboard the USS Intrepid, over 2003 Fleet Week, for a crowd of service men and women.

Promos and Series: “Centerstage, Yankees Mag, What’s It Worth?” – YES Network – February 2002 – July 2003
 As a staff editor, I cut game spots from pre-launch through year one, then segued into episodes of multiple, mostly hour-long series, including at least ten episodes of the sports memorabilia show “What’s it Worth?” and the Michael Kay hosted interview series “Centerstage.” I can not claim to be a big Yankees fan, but my tenure included the American launch of Hideki Matsui, Clemens “retirement” and David Wells’ fall from grace.

“Burning House of Love” – Vicinity Pictures – October 2002
The first of my collaborations with talented New York writer/director Chris Lopata. This short black & white film, featuring “Law & Order’s” Jesse L. Martin, presents the noirish cautionary tale of a businessman who checks into the wrong boutique hotel

“Bad Girls: Rebels with a Cause” – Oxygen – July – August 2002
This hour-long special, hosted by Kevin Bacon, profiled a group of progressive women and was used to launch a month of themed programming.

“Daytime Emmy Preview & Wrap-up” – ABC – Soapnet – April – May 2002
Two thirty-minute news/reality specials, one pre-show, which profiled the nominees, and one made up of elements for a live event: the 2002 Daytime Emmy Awards.

“Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” – 10th Planet Prod. – ABC – Jan. – Feb. 2002
I edited the making-of segment, covering conception to execution, of the first television outing for the annual, multi-network, international fashion show. A compressed version can be found within my 1995 – 2005 commercial demo reel.

“The Howard Stern Radio Show” – Visual Frontiers – Eyemark – CBS
April 1999 – May 2001
A high point of my career. This hour long, weekly comedy series was composed of interviews, animations and short segments drawn from many of Howard Stern’s cutting edge broadcasts, back in the terrestrial radio days. Created to go head-to-head with NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” we routinely bested it in most of the major markets, before external censorship resulted in our voluntary cancellation. As one of four editors, I found my “scratch track” voiceovers were a hit and I became the In-Show Announcer. In my limited personal experience with Howard, I found him to be a man of the highest character, possessed of a remarkable deference and humility. A clip can be found here.

“Grave Matters” – Red Card Films– May – September 1999
I was an Associate Producer and Editor (on location in Berea, Ohio) of this 16 Millimeter feature film, which focuses on a group of high school friends who return home for the funeral of a friend.  Directed by my lifelong friend, James A. Pearson, written, produced and starring a gaggle of our own high school alumni, “Grave Matters” was a real passion project. There is a section on the film in the press clippings section.

Promos, Spots and Industrials – Fountainhead Productions – Dec.’97- Sept.1999
I was an Assistant, then Staff Editor, as well as occasional Production Assistant, Casting Director and Voiceover Artist, during my time at this inventive, one stop Chelsea-based media shop. Years of editing corporate videos, marketing tapes, first generation web content, as well as managing intimate client relations, provided a fantastic learning experience. A BMW spec spot, which I wrote as well as cut from raw footage utilized in another campaign, can be found here.

“Ushia: The Ultimate Adventure” – Animal Planet – Sept.’96 – November 1999
My first Avid editing job and the place where I virtually trained myself on the Media Composer software.  I was one of many assistant editors on this hour-long reality series featuring a globe trotting adventurer. The gig came to an end when I balked at working 60 hours a week with no overtime.

Sales Clerk, Staff Editor, Assistant Manager RAFIK Film & Video
May 1992 – May1996
 This New York institution has offered film & TV production supplies and services since 1974. As a newcomer to New York, my time there provided a rare view of the emerging independent film movement and provided countless Video-Toaster based, tape-to-tape editing jobs. An invaluable training ground, I routinely saw 5 or more clients a day, I credit this, and the fact that linear editing allowed no room for revision or mistake, with developing my current reputation as a blazingly fast Editor.

“Letter to the Next Generation: Kent State 20 Years After”
Heartland Pictures – New Day Films – May 1990 – Dec. 1990
Nearing graduation, I served as Assistant Editor to multiple Academy Award nominated (“Seeing RedUnion Maids”) documentary filmmaker Jim Klein, who also served as my teacher, mentor and friend. A seminal figure in the world of independent film, Jim, with his original documentary film partner Julia Reichert (co-director of the 2007 Emmy winner, “A Lion in the House”), continues to teach filmmaking at Dayton, Ohio’s Wright State University, my beloved alma mater.

* * *

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures Production Wright State University    

Additional Training: Future Media Concepts: Advanced Effects for the Avid
Expert in all Avid, Final Cut and Premiere Editing Programs

Special Skills: Experienced Voice Artist, Actor, Writer, Graphic Designer and Artist.  Comprehensive knowledge of Film and Television, history and theory
References and Demo Reel Available on Request