TMBG (spec) Music Video

In late 2015, They Might Be Giants, one of my personal cultural touchstones and arguably the single greatest band to ever emerge from Brooklyn, asked fans create an original music video for their song, “Am I Awake?” The winner would have fame and fortune rained on them and their work would become official TMBG cannon.

I’d recently finished my spooky little short film, THE HIGH RISE, and so used it as the basis for what would be a dream come true (to feature TMBG in a film I made) without all the pesky licensing issues.

I did not win the contest, but I had a great time remixing my movie, I felt like I achieved a “Neutron Dance” / Beverly Hills Cope sort of vibe and I hope you enjoy it too.

Am I Awake Capone from Michael T. Capone on Vimeo.