The Manson Family

“The Manson Family,” is a film I Associated Produced and Co-Edited, with maverick filmmaker Jim Van Bebber.

It features my wife Amy (center of the above trio) as Leslie, a member of the murderous cult.

In fact, “Manson” began life as a school project more than fifteen years ago, when I was a young film student at Wright State University and Amy Yates was an acting major in the theater program. We were friendly, but not close. Years later (’92ish) we both ended up in New York City, where we would occasionally run into each other.  My closest friend dated hers and we lived only a few blocks from each other on the lower east side for years, though neither of us were more than tangentially aware of the fact.

Ten years later, “Manson” brought the two of us together when (insanely) the movie was picked up for international theatrical distribution, mostly due to Van Bebber’s absolute refusal to let the project die. It fell to me to track down the actors so that they could be paid. So I e-mailed a common acquaintance and got Amy’s number, then I called her and made a date for the following day. We got married in April of 2008.